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Product / Service Fees and Charges

1. Fees for Putting Sell and Buy Orders for Brokers Companies

  • KWD 500 Service Delivery Fee (paid once at the beginning of the service)
  • KWD 500 Annual Subscription Fee.

For submitting the application, a company pays for Service Delivery Fee + Annual Subscription Fee.

2. Online Trading

Type of License Description Current Fees (KWD) Proposed Fees (KWD) Type of Clients
 Online Trading  Service Registration Fees (paid once)  10,000  10,000  Investment Companies
 Annual Subscription Fees  5,000   5,000
  Annual Maintenance Fees  3,500  3,500

3. Negotiated Special Block Trade

Commission 20 bps (0.20%)
Fees for submitting the application for Special Block Trade
Seller KWD 50
Buyer KWD 50

4. Market Maker Discounts

Discount rate depends on the percentage of the weekly trading volume
Percentage of the Weekly Trading Volume 10%-15% >15%-30% >30%
Discount 30% 60% 90%

5. Structure of the current subscription fees for the Boursa Kuwait

The current annual subscription fee at Boursa Kuwait is based on the paid up capital share of the listed company.

Fees Minimum (KWD) Maximum (KWD)
Kuwaiti Companies 0.05% of the Paid Up Capital 2,500 50,000
Foreign Companies 0.05% of the Paid Up Capital 2,500 30,000

Delay fees: If the company delays in payment of the annual subscription amount at the deadline, a delay fee of 10% of the total amount is charged.

6. Other Fees

A. Compliant fees: A fee of KWD 100 per complaint submitted to Boursa Kuwait against a member of the stock exchange (listed companies - brokers), provided that the fee is refunded if the complaint is resolved in favor of the complainant
B. Request for issuance of a certificate /statement To Whom It May Concern: a fee of KWD 10
C. Request for photocopying documents for complaints or violations: a fee of KWD 10
D. Requesting to photocopy the resolution of the Violation Committee: A fee of KWD 10
  • Tender document fees according to the estimated value as follows:
  • If less than KD 50,000, fee shall be KWD 20.
  • If more than 50,000, Fee shall be KWD 50.
  • Operator service: - Annual subscription to the extension line : 5 KWD
  • Annual subscription to E1 line KWD 50
  • Fees for the issuance of IDs of Brokers: KWD 5 and fees for the issuance of IDs replacement at KWD 10.

7. Data Services Fees

Data Product Fees (KWD)
Real-time - Level 1 (Distribution License) 3,500 / Year
Real-time - Level 2 (Distribution License) 5,000 / Year
Real-time - Full Order Book (Distribution License) 6,500 / Year
Delayed (Distribution License) No Charge
Non-Display Usage 800 / Year
Historic Equities Trading Data (Distribution License) No Charge
Historic Equities Trading Data (Internal Use) No Charge
Historic Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Data (Distribution License) 2,000 / Year 500 / Quarter
Historic Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Data (Internal Use) 500 / Year 125 / Quarter
End-of-Day Information (Distribution License) No Charge
TV Ticker 3,000 / Year
Website Ticker 1,500 / Year
Issuer Data on Website 1,000 / Year
Reports 1,000 / Year (Per Type of Report)
Customized Report 25 / Report
Financial Statements of all listed companies for 1 year including the 4 quarters 725 / Year
Financial Statements of all listed companies for Quarter 1 or 2 or 3 175 / Quarter
Financial Statements of all listed companies for Quarter 4 (annual) 200 / Quarter
Individual Financial Statement 1 / Statement / Company