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Company’s Message

Founded in April, 2014, Boursa Kuwait formally assumed responsibility for Kuwait’s stock market operations on 25 April 2016, following a thorough planning process in consultation with the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Historically, Kuwait’s stock exchange is one of the region’s oldest and most successful stock exchanges, with a strong trading reputation that roots back to the 1960's. However, since the early eighties, the exchange lacked the adequate regulations and investments to allow it to compete effectively with newer markets emerging in the region. Our role at Boursa Kuwait is to re-establish the exchange and restore its former position as one of the region’s leading capital markets.

One of our top priorities is to upgrade the infrastructure and business environment of the exchange to international standards, creating a robust, transparent and fair capital market platform that services all relevant asset classes related to the stock market, whilst focusing on clients’ interest through excellence in everything we do. Boursa Kuwait has a strategic roadmap to drive the future of the company.

On the long term from 2017 on wards, the company’s objective is to develop a competitive leading regional stock exchange for the State of Kuwait, one which provides issuers with efficient access to capital and investors with diverse return opportunities.

The year 2016 was exciting period in the history of the exchange and one which Boursa Kuwait embraced great commitment and enthusiasm. To help emphasize these important changes, and to communicate the fundamental developments, we have introduced and applied Boursa Kuwait corporate identity and branding to all of the exchange’s communications and platforms.

Today Boursa Kuwait stands as an independent private company, after obtaining the official license to replace and take over the Kuwait stock market, following CMA’s official announcement on 5th October, 2016. This announcement has not only reinforced our position as the State of Kuwait’s stock exchange, but has also pushed our strategy forward into full gear, allowing Boursa Kuwait to move onto the next phase of planning and execution. This is only the beginning, and we are certain of the change that can be achieved, through Boursa Kuwait as an entity, with clear vision aiming for continuous development and progress.