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Corporate Governance

Boursa Kuwait is adopting the highest standards and leading practices in designing its Corporate Governance Framework. On the top of this; the company is giving a high attention to the compliance with regulatory requirements.

Corporate governance for Boursa Kuwait is considered as one if its vital principles which are embedded in its operating model and always evolved to reflect the company’s strategic direction.

The corporate governance framework is designed to maintain a robust tone at the top and effective balance between the oversight role of its Board of Directors, Board’s committees and the executive role of its management, this is actually translated into a set of policies, charters and procedures implemented within an effective risk management framework and well established internal control environment.

Boursa Kuwait is adopting the main pillars of corporate governance in line with the CMA instructions:
• Construct a Balanced Board Composition
• Establish Appropriate Roles and Responsibilities
• Recruit Highly Qualified Candidates for Members of a Board of Directors and the Executive Management
• Safeguard the Integrity of Financial Reporting
• Apply Sound Systems of Risk Management and Internal Controls
• Promote Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
• Ensure Timely and High Quality Disclosure and Transparency
• Respect and protect the Rights of Shareholders
• Recognize the Roles of Stakeholders
• Encourage and Enhance Performance
• Focus on the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance mainly covers the key rules issued by the CMA through implementing these main policies:

• Board Charter & Board Committees Charter
• Corporate Governance Manual
• Board and Employees trading policy
• Code of Conduct
• Confidentiality & Information Security
• Conflict of interest
• Related Parties Transactions
• Whistle-Blowing
• Shareholders Protection
• Stakeholders Protection