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How to Invest in Boursa Kuwait

  • Investors should:
    • Hold a valid identity
    • Have a bank account in Kuwait
    • Open an account at the Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC)

    For more information and details please refer to www.maqasa.com
  • Investors have to place their orders through one of Exchange members. Therefore, they have to open a trading account in a brokerage firm. For more information on the brokerage firms licensed to mediate trading in Boursa Kuwait, please visit the link to Licensed Brokerage Companies.
  • Trades are settled on the third day at the beginning of the day (T+3 settlement cycle).
  • Cash settlements are conducted with the investor directly by KCC. Payments are issued on all business days.
  • The registrar for the listed companies is KCC and securities settlement are handled at the KCC’s system. For more details on cash and securities settlement please visit www.maqasa.com
  • Trading commission is calculated only once per day for all investor’s deals with the brokerage company, i.e. if total investor’s transactions in a day is less than 1600 KD, the commission is only 2 KD, if the total transactions in a day is more than 1600 KD, the commission is calculated as follows:
    • 0.125% for a trading value up to 50,000 KD
    • 0.1 % for a trading value over 50,000 KD
    • Trading commission cannot be less than 2 KD.
    • For more explanation please visit the link to Trading Fees