Mr. Hamad Mishari Al-Humaidhi



Mr. Hamad Mishari Al-Humaidhi has over 42 years of experience in the legal, administration, and financial functions. 

Mr. Hamad commenced his career in the legal department at the Public Institution for Social Security in Kuwait, and has since then paved his career path at the institution till he became their General Manager from 2014 till 13 January 2019.

Mr. Hamad was the Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors of several financial and banking institutions of which includes Ahli United Bank (Bahrain), Ahli United Bank (UK), and Ahli United Bank (UAE). 

Mr. Hamad is the Chairman of the Board Corporate Governance Committee, and a member of the Board Executive Committee at Boursa Kuwait.

Mr. Hamad Al Humaidhi holds a Bachelor Degree in Law and Sharia from Kuwait University.