Data and Research Overview

Boursa Kuwait provides a growing range of innovative and reliable data solutions designed to meet the growing demand for market data, enabling the investment community to make better-informed decisions. Receive real-time prices and company announcements directly from the source, with wide-ranging connectivity solutions for real-time or delayed access to market data.  

We continue to deliver new and cutting-edge solutions to better serve the Kuwaiti capital market and all its participants, locally and abroad. Currently, Boursa Kuwait offers the following data services:

Real-time - Level 1
Real-time trading data including best levels of bid/ask, last sale, open, high, low, closing prices, previous close, indices, volumes, values, and news for all the securities listed on Boursa Kuwait.

Real-time - Level 2
Real-time Level 1 plus the five best levels of bid/ask.

Real-time - Full Order Book

Real-time Level 1 plus the full order book.


Delayed trading data for all the securities listed on Boursa Kuwait.

Non-Display Usage

Accessing, processing, or consumption of information for a purpose other than in support of its display or distribution.

Historic Trading data and End-of-Day Information

Historic trading data and end-of-day reports for all the securities listed on the Cash Market. 

TV Ticker

Limited information, which can be displayed on a TV Ticker, and used by TV channels.

Website Ticker

Limited information, which can be displayed on a Website Ticker and used by websites.

Issuer Data on Website

Listed companies can obtain limited information on their listed securities to be published on their websites.


Boursa Kuwait provides market reports for various time intervals. Please contact Boursa Kuwait for more details.

Financial Statements

Access to the financial statements (annual and interim) of the listed companies.

List of Data Vendors

Boursa Kuwait provides data products and services in collaboration with regional and world-leading providers. Click here for a list of authorized Data Vendors with their direct links.

For more information about data services, please email