Transfer of Ownership

Transfer of Ownership of Listed Securities

The transfer of ownership of listed securities may be conducted with the approval of Boursa Kuwait are the cases listed in Article (10-4) in the Boursa Kuwait Rulebook. When approval is obtained from Boursa Kuwait, the exchange will collect the normal trading fees.

After approval is obtained, both parties involved in the transaction request a Transfer of Ownership from the Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC), and then the KCC runs a background check on the parties and their legal representatives, as well as the ownership documents and deeds proving ownership. The KCC will also run a check on whether or not the parties have committed any violations or legal hinderances as well as any prior agreements of transfer. Furthermore, according to Article (10-5), the ownership of the listed securities may be transferred through the Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC).

For more information about the various cases of Transfer of Ownership and its mechanism, please consult the Boursa Kuwait Rulebook.

The New Automated Transfer of Ownership System at Boursa Kuwait

As part of its long-standing efforts to improve the trading mechanism in the Kuwaiti capital market, Boursa Kuwait introduced an automated processing mechanism for the Transfer of Ownership of listed securities. Log in or signup below to utilize the system, through which you can upload your documents and forms as well as follow-up on your transactions without the need to appear in person at the Boursa Kuwait building.

Once you have filled out the form, print it, and upload it to the Transfer of Ownership portal, which also helps reduce processing time and provides a checklist of all the documents required to complete your Transfer of Ownership transaction.