Boursa Kuwait Main Market 50


The Boursa Kuwait Main Market 50 (BK Main 50) Index is a new Market Capitalization Weighted Index (Index) that will reflect the top 50 liquid companies in the Main Market.


The following criteria are used in selecting companies eligible to be included in the BK Main 50 Index.

  • The BK Main 50 Index inclusions and exclusions will be based on the calculation of the average daily traded value (ADTV), which is published simultaneously with the results of Boursa Kuwait Market Segmentation on the second Sunday of January.

The Index will utilize a market-cap-weighted price return methodology similar to the one set forth in Boursa Kuwait Rulebook under (Article 8-10-1).

  • The base value of the Index is 5000.
  • The denomination of the Index is Kuwaiti Dinars.
  • The Index constituents will be reviewed on an annual basis and the results of the review will be announced on the second Sunday of January and take effect on the second Sunday of February.


To qualify for the BK Main 50 Index, companies must:

  • Be a part of the Main Market
  • Be one of the top 50 companies in terms of ADTV

The Index will be reviewed annually for inclusions and exclusions on the last trading day of December.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions may lead to adjustments in the Index calculation. Certain events that may affect the Index calculation, such as

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Trading halts and suspensions
  • Bonus issues
  • Cash dividends

Boursa Kuwait reserves the right to adjust the Index in the event any of the above-mentioned cases occur.

Data Format

The Index is in Kuwaiti Dinars (KWD) and will be rounded to two decimal places. The Index will be calculated using real-time data and reviewed for inclusions and exclusions once a year.

Index Information

Index CodeBKM50
Short NameBK Main 50
Long NameBoursa Kuwait Main Market 50
Arabic Nameمؤشر السوق الرئيسي 50
Base Value5000
DescriptionMarket-cap-weighted Price return Index
The Index includes the 50 most liquid companies in the Main Market.


Boursa Kuwait shall not be in any way liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages resulting from or in connection with the Index or its calculation. The Index is an analytical tool only and shall not be relied upon when making any investment decision.

The Boursa Kuwait Main Market 50 index constituents for 2023 are:


CompanySecurity ADTV
Commercial Bank of Kuwait211,691
Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait358,334
Ahli United Bank207,101
Commercial Facilities Company45,300
International Financial Advisers Holding369,723
Coast Investment & Development Co.83,243
The Securities House Co.149,718
Kuwait Financial Center151,332
First Investment Company487,960
Gulf Investment House85,373
Kamco Investment Co.156,374
National International Holding Co.89,180
Alsafat Investment Co.795,657
Noor Financial Investment63,998
Asiya Capital Investment Co.174,136
Rasiyat Holding Co.92,833
Kuwait Insurance Co.49,082
United Real Estate Co.73,960
National Real Estate Co.877,602
Salhia Real Estate Co.414,778
Al-Arabiya Real Estate Co.47,154
Al-Enma A Real Estate Co.81,585
Injazzat Real Estate Dev. Co124,990
A Ayan Real Estate Co.63,839
Al-Mazaya Holding Co.161,474
Tijara & Real Estate Inv. Co.130,223
First Dubai for Real Estate Dev.74,362
Kuwait Business Town Real Estate Co.68,875
Manazel Holding Co.98,345
Mena Real Estate Co.33,427
Kuwait Cement Co.100,307
Kuwait Portland Cement Co.75,020
ACICO Industries Co.234,125
National Consumer Holding650,794
Sultan Center Food Products Co.59,573
Arabi Holding Group Co.210,645
National Mobile Telecommunications Co.86,676
Privatization Holding Co.85,252
Gulf Petroleum Investment47,524
Burgan Co. For Well Drilling Trading & Maint.74,428
Ifa Hotels & Resorts Co.399,015
Combined Group Contracting Co.207,261
Mubarrad Holding Co.44,348
Kuwait Resorts Company54,336
Jiyad Holding Company118,679
Egypt Kuwait Holding (S.A.E)132,676
Inovest (B.S.C)371,485
Kuwait Telecommunications Co.679,807
Specialties Group Holding Co.137,716
Al Eid Food Co.156,863