"Main" Market

The “Main” Market is comprised of companies that don’t qualify to be listed in the “Premier” Market, but nonetheless enjoy enough liquidity to be listed among the list of most market participants. Companies listed on the “Main” Market meet all of the listing requirements and are included in the “Main” Market index as well as the “All-Share” index. 

What are the requirements to list on the “Main” Market?

  • The fair value of the company’s shares that are not owned by the controlling group of shareholders should be valued at a minimum of KD 15 million. Such fair value is to be determined by an independent valuation consultant licensed by the CMA.
  • The company should have a minimum of 450 shareholders each owning shares valued at KD 5,000 at least as per the fair value determined above, or 225 shareholders each owning shares valued at a minimum of KD 10,000 each. 
  • The company must have been operating according to at least one of its main objectives as stated in its articles of association and has had most of its revenues generated from that objectives over the past 3 full years. It must also have issued financial statement that are approved by its general assembly for the last 3 years prior to the listing application.

What are some of the benefits of listing on the “Main” Market?

Listing your company on Boursa Kuwait’s “Main” Market can offer many advantages. In addition to the elevated status a company recieves when their stock is listed on a stock exchange, listing on the “Main” Market enables your company to raise additional funds through the issuance of more stock or offer securities in the acquisition of other companies.

Companies also get additional leverage when obtaining loans from financial institutions, as well as market exposure. Having a company's stock listed could attract the attention of mutual and hedge funds, market makers and institutional investors and can offer indirect advertising.

For more information regarding the “Main” Market, please visit the Boursa Kuwait Rulebook.