Shareholders Rights

Ensuring the rights of shareholders is one of the most important requirements provided under the corporate governance rules and company law. In the course of ensuring the highest standards of transparency and equality in all current or potential transactions of shareholders, company policy ensures the protection of shareholders’ rights in accordance with its articles of association, internal policies and regulations and the necessary procedures and controls.

This is to ensure that all shareholders exercise their rights to achieve justice and equality, in a manner that does not conflict with the applied laws and regulations and issued decisions and instructions. The company also seeks to treat all shareholders equally, fairly and without distinction.

Boursa Kuwait strives to follow up consistently on all matters related to shareholders’ data, establishing and maintaining a dedicated register to be kept in the Kuwait Clearing Company, listing the names, nationalities and residencies of shareholders, and the number of shares owned by each of them.  

The register shall include any changes in the data registered therein in accordance with data received by the company or the Kuwait Clearing Company. Any interested party may request data from this register from Boursa Kuwait or the Kuwait Clearing Company.

General Assembly and Annual Meetings 

Boursa Kuwait is keen to facilitate and clarify the role of shareholders in its General Assembly meetings. A mechanism of voting and participation in General Assembly meetings has been prepared to clarify that, shareholders have the right to vote on decisions, as prescribed by the statute, the articles of association and the respect policy of shareholders’ rights.

It also organizes public meetings of shareholders, to enable shareholders to participate actively in the General Assembly and to discuss the topics on its agenda. The company also has been keen to provide the shareholders with the right to access all the data contained in the register of the disclosures of the members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management.