Stakeholder Rights

Boursa Kuwait developed a policy in order to recognize and protect the rights of its stakeholders. This policy is designed to ensure respect and protection of the rights of stakeholders in accordance with the laws and instructions issued by the relevant regulatory authorities.

The aim of the Stakeholders’ Rights Policy is to ensure that the rights of stakeholders, as set out in relevant laws and regulations, are respected and protected by the company.

Boursa Kuwait also protected the rights of all stakeholders and provided stability and sustainability through its good financial performance. Parties considered stakeholders were identified through such policies, and guidelines were developed on how to protect these rights.

Boursa Kuwait has identified the stakeholders in the company as follows: 


The Shareholders’ Rights Policy has been developed in accordance with the relevant law and regulations and as part of Boursa Kuwait’s governance framework as well as effective communication with shareholders to identify their views on various matters pertaining to the company.

Regulatory Bodies

Boursa Kuwait is committed to the laws, regulations and instructions issued by the Capital Markets Authority, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and any other relevant regulatory bodies. It also ensures and maintains a continuous good relationship with all regulatory authorities and cooperates fully with the Capital Markets Authority and relevant regulatory bodies during inspection processes. Boursa Kuwait also provides information, data, registers, records and tools required by the representatives of the regulatory bodies, and provides all the data, information and statistics requested by the Capital Markets Authority and the relevant regulatory bodies.

Customers and Market Members

Boursa Kuwait vows to provide the best services and products to its customers, in addition to constantly following up with clients’ suggestions and complaints. This is in addition to improving communication with clients by devising modern means of communication to provide easy access to support at any time. In order to enhance participation and transparency with its clients, Boursa Kuwait has published draft rules regarding its forthcoming products on its website in order to conduct a survey on the views of the market participants.


Recruitment of Kuwaiti nationals and the development of all staff skills are deemed key priorities, as Boursa Kuwait focuses on providing professional development opportunities and necessary training programs as well as directing recruitment efforts to sign and train the best national labor. The company seeks to provide a working environment characterized by cooperation, integrity, honesty, moral values and compliance with laws in all dealings of its employees or through its dealings with stakeholders, adopting reporting procedures that ensure the freedom to report any violations or illegal or unethical practices through direct communication channels and ensure adequate protection of the informant until completion of the investigations concerning these reports.