The Company Strategy

Boursa Kuwait’s corporate strategy seeks to develop a more transparent and solvent capital market through the implementation of a group of enhancements and regulatory projects as well as the technology to raise the capital market’s profile locally, regionally, and around the world, in line with the “New Kuwait 2035” vision and the country's National Development Plan.

Boursa Kuwait’s journey began in 2014 with the first step of privatizing the Kuwait stock exchange, which was established in 1983. With that fresh outlook came the need for a multi-pronged, well-crafted strategy, which not only addresses the needs of the Kuwaiti capital market but includes the perspectives and opinions of every market participant.

Boursa Kuwait’s research identified the main challenges facing the Kuwaiti capital market, which were a lack of incentives to list, low liquidity and poor evaluations, and a scarcity of research and reports covering the market and its participants. Due to manual disclosure methods, essential and vital information took too long to reach investors. Alternative trading platforms and a wide selection of products were also absent from the local market, and there was difficulty in executing large transactions. A unit price system that doesn’t contribute to putting buyers closer to sellers was also in place.

Four main pillars were put in place to address these challenges, represented in infrastructure, liquidity, transparency, and products, each of which was addressed through a series of solutions.

The company continues its strategy to create an attractive investment environment, progressing with the process of restructuring and officially receiving all the tasks of managing the Kuwaiti stock exchange. It has implemented many steps to keep pace with international practices and standards, forging ahead towards a bright future in which Kuwait is a regional and global investment destination and putting in place a multi-pillared plan to achieve its mission and vision, outlined below. 

  • Creating an attractive issuer base through market segmentation and new listing rules to help increase liquidity and attract companies to list on the stock exchange as well as creating alternative investment opportunities such as the Over the Counter (OTC) platform.
  • Increasing the investor base through the adoption of best-in-class international practices and standards, as well as launching campaigns and creating new investment opportunities by sponsoring conferences and putting on Roadshows and Corporate Days all over the world.
  • Developing a more comprehensive product line through the implementation and enhancement of products and their regulations, offering investors more opportunities to make a profit.
  • Developing an improved infrastructure and world-class working environment by implementing new listing procedures and streamlining the relationship with the Capital Markets Authority and other market participants, as well as creating increased transparency by developing the disclosure procedures and making quarterly analyst conferences mandatory for "Premier" Market companies.